My Poems


She was born by the river
She grew up by the river
She cried by the river
She was happy in the river
That carried her tears

She learned with the river
About floods and droughts and obstacles
She learned that as long as there are clouds and rainy days,
And as long as there are mountains and valleys

Following one or another path
The river flows
With more or less volume
Until it reaches the sea
Where waters merge and raise up
And fill other rivers

My Poems


Pensamento inquietante
Noite quebrada
Silêncio infernal

Vida assolada por um ladrão
Trapaceiro e avassalador
Arauto do vazio e da escuridão

No desespero, enfrento-o
Ergo-me munido de coragem
Para uma luta desesperante
E proclamo: “Vencerei!”

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My not enoughness

Sometimes I am not enough
Short of temper, patience, courage, and energy
Full of vulnerability, insecurity, weakness, and doubt
In those dark sometimes, it comes to my mind
The greater than life models that shape me
From the distance of the stars
The light that crosses a million miles
Dims the turmoil of my littleness
And for that day
I can survive my not enoughness